The ReLANpro Mobile, a language lab application, is now available to students using iPhone, iPad, or iTouch devices allowing them access to their lessons anywhere and at any time.

The ReLANpro Mobile can be installed on the iPhone, iPad, or iTouch and offers a similar experience to the classroom language lab the students have at school. Teachers can create their own exercises and upload them onto the ReLANpro content server that the students can access 24/7.

Students use the app to listen to their teacher’s instructions and record their oral responses. The content server – provided by ASC - can hold all your current language teaching materials. The ReLANpro Mobile offers the advantages of a language lab in self-study mode from the student’s own iPhone, iPad, or iTouch – anywhere!

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contact ASC Direct, Inc. at (800) 613 - 9554 or email Carla Kay

ReLANpro Mobile