Dear Educator:

Are you frustrated being told that there is no money for the lab you envision for your program? The following information is the result of a meeting with a successful grant writer giving tips that make it possible for you to prepare goals, write, and submit a successful grant proposal.

The first part of the following information is a list of helpful sites. The second part is the result of an interview with Barb Harvey from Highland Park High School in Highland Park, IL (District 113), the main writer of a successful FLAP Grant.

This information is intended to give you the means to begin the process. There is much more information available on the subject. Our idea is to take away the initial fear of procuring funds in this way. ASC typically receives Purchase Orders from several schools per year that have successfully received FLAP grants, so it is possible!

Part 1: a list of helpful sites
Part 2: interview with Barb Harvey


Grants: a list of helpful sites

Discussion of Grants, Grant Writing, and Grant Requirements