Ralf Porankiewicz, CEO of ASC Direct Inc., on KSAT 12

"The outside the box thinking that we've seen here with Sweb really helped us," said Ralf Porankiewicz, CEO of ASC Direct Inc., a San Antonio based educational language program provider.

Before he hooked up with Sweb, Porankiewicz's software could only be accessed by students at their schools, typically in a computer lab.

"We were constantly looking for a device they could take home with them," said Porankiewicz. "We thought how cool would it be if we could get an app for that?"

Taking advantage of Sweb's custom build option, Porankiewicz created the ReLANpro app. It allows students to access homework assignments, listen to a language lesson, record their voice repeating the words and submit the homework to the teacher.

"This is the first step in true mobile learning because with this, on the way home on the big yellow bus you could do this," he said. "This is the future, it's just available today."

Porankiewicz believes Sweb saved him nearly six months of time and $50,000 by developing the ReLANpro app. He said it will continue to save him money.

"It will create more jobs for us but the jobs are going to be easier," he said. "We don't have to fly to 50 states to do service calls like we do right now with all of our customers and dealers."