Triple C Language Lab Receives Great Support

May 3, 2010
Thanks to the Cayman Islands Government, Butterfield Bank, the Bank of China and the Kiwanis Club, Triple C School students now have access to a state of the art language lab for learning a second language and strengthening ESL students’ skills.

But that’s not all. This lab is a completely mobile wireless computer system that can be used for different classes and in any classroom it is needed. Equipped with 25 Seashell Lennovo notebooks, headphones and built in microphones, and networked to a main console this system will revolutionize the teaching of foreign language in the school.

Rebecca Ebanks and Rhonda Serrano from Butterfield and the minister of Education, Hon. Rolston Anglin get a short introduction to the language
lab while individual students work on their language skills.

There are endless capabilities of the amazing system still to be fully utilized beyond foreign language. For example the Drama students can rehearse a variety of scenes at the same time thus needing less rehearsal time. The music director can listen to the whole chorus or one altos or just one singer at a time. This is great for testing as well as practice for performances and results in higher contest scores. Art students can take virtual tours of art museums and view exhibits. Individual speech students can use the lab to practice and record their speeches. All teachers love the ability to see a student’s screen in real time and to be able to take control of their mouse and keyboard for correction, regardless of the subject being taught. Triple C School is pleased to be the only school on island with this state of the art equipment.

It took a long time coming with one delay after another and equipment arriving twice broken, but students and teachers are now poised to take advantage of the system and all of its capabilities are still to be discovered.

“I am sure we will see a difference in the ability, level, and motivation of the students as they utilize this amazing piece of technology,” commented Mr. Ortiz, Spanish teacher, and we are very grateful to the generous donors who made it possible.” It is a great resource for drama and music. I am eager to take advantage of its possibilities.” commented Mrs.
Appleby, Music teacher.